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When Halloween rolls around every year, the kids are all getting excited. Even some of the adults still love Halloween. This is a time when kids can just be kids. They don’t have to worry about school. They get to dress up as their favorite character, singer, or anyone they want to be. There are so many children and adults who love superheroes. Being able to dress up as a superhero or even a vigilante that fights crime can make them feel strong, powerful, and amazing. Look into these 13 most popular superhero and vigilante costumes that you or your kiddo can be.



One of the superheroes that many adults, and let’s face it - even some kids - want to be is Deadpool. He is a sinner, saint, antihero, and hero. Deadpool is at the top of the superhero rankings in recent years. If you want to show off your bad and good side all at once, Deadpool is the perfect costume to have.Deadpool Costumes



If you are looking for a kyrptonian superhero, the Supergirl costume is a must-have. She fights crime to keep the National City, as well as Earth, safe. She has all the powers of Superman, but the feminine nature of her costume, makes it great for women and girls. If you want a costume that is bold, brave, and beautiful Supergirl is what you should be.Supergirl Costumes



Thor is the prince of Asgard. While he has a bit of a rivalry with Iron Man, they are still on the same team. He can control and shoot at lightning at will. The axe he uses helps to concentrate his power. If you are looking for a costume that makes you feel like a powerful superhero, you can’t get any better than Thor.Thor Costumes


Captain Marvel

Who doesn’t love Captain Marvel? She is a powerful, strong, and unique superhero. If you want to show your strength, energy, and outright power, the Captain Marvel costume is the perfect option. Let’s face it. Just knowing that Captain Marvel is a woman, even though this character started out as a male in the original comics, is something to talk about.Captain Marvel Costumes



Do you or your kiddo love Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? If so, you know how striking this movie is. While the movie is everything a superhero fan needs, the outfit that Star-Lord wore was out of this world. In the 3rd movie, it is found that he is a descendant of a star that turned into an intelligent human. Did you know that you can custom-make or even order a Star-Lord costume for Halloween? Watch out everyone. You are going to be the talk of the neighborhood with this costume.Star-Lord Costumes


Captain America

What about going the traditional route with superhero costumes? The Avengers are well-known around the world. Just about everyone loves Captain America. This superhero trumps all others in some people’s eyes. He is a superhero for all of America. He was born into his powers and has been perfectly matched with childhood dreams of becoming a superhero one day. Scientists found him in ice and he was awoken into the powerful superhero he is. He is strong and can protect all. If you are a diehard for Captain America or your child loves this superhero, you must get the costume.Captain America Costumes


Wonder Woman

What about Wonder Woman? If you are looking for a Halloween costume that is going to blow people away, this is it. In this costume, you can feel just like Wonder Woman. You will feel powerful, compassionate, competitive, opinionated, and outgoing. With her whip of truth, just about all women love her. When wearing this costume, it might feel like there isn’t anything you can’t do.Wonder Woman Costumes


Red Riding Hood

Have you ever heard of Red Riding Hood? If you don’t know who this, now is the time to learn more about him. The Red Riding Hood superhero costume was created based on the Injustice 2 game. He was the partner of Batman and now he is an anti-hero. Yes, he may be a bit brutal, but he still fights criminals based on his own code. If you are looking for a superhero who doesn’t do things the normal superhero ways, Red Riding Hood might be the perfect costume for you. Red Riding Hood Costumes


Green Arrow

If you are looking for a simple, yet bold superhero costume, you have got to try the Green Arrow costume this year. Green Arrow is intelligent, athletic, creative, and strong. He fights crime with all of his being. By day, he is Oliver Queen and in vigilante life he is Green Arrow. Unlike some vigilantes, Green Arrow saves lives. With the Green Arrow costume, you can put yourself into the mind and body of a superhero, even if that is just for one evening.Green Arrow Costume



We can’t leave out the fastest man in the entire world. Flash. Besides Superman and Batman, Flash has made a major impact on the world of superheroes. Are you looking for a superhero that is a great companion and helper? Do you want to be a superhero that is worthy, fights for people who need help, has super-natural abilities, and is a hero beyond all others? If so, Flash is the man to be. Want a combo costume with one of your friends? In some instances, Flash and Green Arrow work together to fight crime. These two costumes side-by-side would be a powerhouse.Flash Costumes



While on the opposite side of superheroes, Daredevil is worth mentioning. Think back on the story of Daredevil. He caught everyone off-guard when he started a fire in New York, while beating out the most well-known criminals that New York had ever seen. Similar to other vigilantes, Daredevil has a dual-life. He is Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day, and a powerful vigilante by night. With his ability to fight off crime every single day and night, he should definitely be on the list of popular superhero costumes.



The famous Catwoman - modern, lovely, powerful, and amazing. Many little girls strived to be her. They loved her. Many of them still do. If you are looking for a costume that will bring out your inner wild, powerful, and feline side, the Catwoman costume is just what you need. Some people debate whether Catwoman is a villain or a protagonist. With everyone she has saved, she is a superhero in our eyes.Catwoman Costumes



The entire world knows about Batman. He is a vigilante that wears all black. With his nemesis being Joker, who is always damaging and ruining things, Batman comes in to save the day. By day he is Bruce Wayne and by night he is the darkness known as Batman. If you are looking for a strong, popular, and crime-fighting vigilante costume, Batman is the best.Batman Costumes



If you are looking for a superhero costume for Halloween or for any other reason, these most popular superhero costumes are must-haves. While some of them are vigilantes, they still have their own way of fighting crime. When wearing these costumes, you can feel just like one of the most famous superheroes or vigilantes. If you are looking for another superhero, be sure to check out all the options available to you.

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